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The JDSU MTS-8000 0TDR is a field-scalable optical test platform for both installation and maintenance. Based on the rich MTS-5000 heritage, the MTS-8000 is the industry's most innovative and cost-effective test solution for metro networks. A single Transport Module provides an integrated solution for Ethernet, SONET, SDH, PDH, and T-carrier networks. Optical Modules allow thorough testing of short-haul, long-haul, FTTx, CWDM, and DWDM networks.

JDSU MTS-8000 OTDR Key Features:

1. Configure with numerous application modules and a variety of storage media, including floppy disk, USB memory stick, and read/write CD-ROM.
2. All application modules are field-installable so that existing MTS-5000 users can simply field install the optical plug-in by adding an extender.
3. A Large color transreflective display is offered as standard for improved visibility for use in direct sunlight. A touchscreen option is available.
4. Extended battery life with up to 2 Lithium ion cells.
5. Base unit can house Visual Fault Locator (635 nm), Power Meter (800 to 1650 nm), and Optical Talkset (45 dB) options.
6. Optical talkset allows both communication and file transfer along the fiber.
7. Comprehensive suite of PC software tools for post-processing of test results via OFS100 FiberTrace Software and OFS200 FiberCable Software.

JDSU MTS-8000 OTDR Modules:
wavelength    Pulse width    Dynamic
range    Event
dead zone    Attenuation
dead zone
Short range
multimode (SRL)    850/1300
±20nm    3 ns to 300 ns    24/24dB    0.5m    2m
Short range multimode and singlemode (SRL)    850/1300
1625 ±20nm    3 ns to 20 us    24/24/
40/38/37 dB    0.5 m
(multimode)    5 m
8 m
Very short range
singlemode (VSRe)    1310/1550
±20nm    10 ns to 10 us    32/30dB    2m    8m
Short range
singlemode (SRe)    1310/1550
±20nm    10 ns to 10 us    34/32dB    3m    25m
Medium range
singlemode (MR)    1310 ±20nm
1490 ±15nm
1550 ±20nm
1625 ±10nm    3 ns to 20 us    40 dB
40 dB
38 dB
37 dB    0.8m    4m
Long range
singlemode (LR)    1310 ±20nm
1490 ±15nm
1550 ±20nm
1625 ±10nm    3 ns to 20 us    43 dB
40 dB
41 dB
41 dB    0.8m    4m
Very long range
singlemode (LR)    1310 ±20nm
1383 ±2nm
1490 ±15nm
1550 ±20nm
1625 ±10nm    3 ns to 20 us    45 dB
44 dB
42 dB
43 dB
43 dB    0.8m    4m
Ultra long range
singlemode (UHD)    1310/1550
1625±10nm    10 ns to 20 us    45.5/50dB
45.5dB    4.5m    15m

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