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The JDSU MTS-4000 OTDR is a small, compact and handheld test platform designed for all phases of the network lifecycle, from the installation to the maintenance of Access / FTTx networks and triple-play services. Modular in design, the MTS-4000 offers field service technicians the highest performance and superior levels of scalability and upgradeability.

JDSU MTS-4000 OTDR Highlights:
Field interchangeable single slot size
In-service testing capability with 1625 or 1650 nm wavelengths
Source and power meter through OTDR port
Simple for the novice, fully featured for the expert
Can be combined with a PON selective power meter module
Compatible with the T-BERD-4000 / MTS-4000

JDSU MTS-4000 OTDR Key Features:
Optimized for access/FTTx networks
Tests up to three wavelengths in one module
32/30 dB Dynamic Range at 1310/1550 nm
High resolution and short dead zone for distribution fiber qualification
Automatic traffic detection
Source and power meter through OTDR port (optional)
In-service testing dedicated wavelengths (1625 or 1650 nm)
Automatic macro-bend detection
Field-replaceable without tools
Can be combined with PON Power Meter Module in the same T-BERD/MTS-4000 unit
Up to 128,000 acquisition points with sampling resolution down to 4 cm
Comprehensive suite of PC software tools for post-processing of test results, including FiberTrace (OFS-100) and FiberCable (OFS-200)

JDSU MTS-4000 OTDR Applications:
Access / FTTx networks construction, turn-up, and maintenance
FTTx feeder fiber characterization
FTTx distribution and drop cable verification and continuity check

Ordering information
Last Mile 1310/1550 nm OTDR Module E4126LM
Last Mile1310/1550/1625 nm OTDR Module E4136LM
Last Mile 1310/1550/1650 nm OTDR Module2 E4138LM65
Last Mile 1310/1550 nm and Filtered 1625 nm Module E4136RLM
Last Mile 1625 nm OTDR Module E4117LM
Last Mile 1650 nm OTDR Module E4118LM65
Last Mile Filtered 1650 nm OTDR Module E4118RLM65
Continuous and modulated source option E41OTDRLS
Power meter option E41OTDRPM

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